If you would like a commissioned piece of work, then I look forward to discussing this with you.

For pet portraits, I can work from photos or videos. In order to create a good portrait, the photo(s) needs to be clear so that I can get all those details. So the quality of photo below is what I ideally would require.

I am happy to work within your budget and can do any size you require. Whether it is on paper, canvas or a wall mural. If you would like your picture framed, this will cost £10 extra for a basic frame.

After agreeing on what you would like, then I will complete your commissioned piece. This can take a week or more, depending on what it is. Once you see the final piece, you can decide if you are happy to pay for the work.

Payments for my work can be done via Paypal or direct to my bank account.

Please email me with your request so that we can discuss what you would like. Contact me at art@fluidlines.uk or DM me on my Instagram denise_barnard_art.

I look forward to hearing from you.